Sunday, January 22, 2012

Craftroom Re-organization

Well it's January and I have been paper crafting for just over a year.  It was time to reorganize my work area.  This seems to be a work in progress, as I continue to expand my crafting tools and learn new techniques.  I now stamp more on cards, I've experimented in alcohol inks and I continue to do more with my Cricut and Gypsy.

In late Fall 2011, I added a cutting station as it was always a pain to move my trimmer to my work area and I needed better storage for the Big Kick embossing tool and folders.  I also needed to find a way to keep all of the recycled materials - chipboard, boxes, and tins.

Here's a photo of this updated area - don't mind the messy shelves! :)

Yesterday, I went to the new Ikea - it is huge and the largest one in Canada.  You can no longer just "run in" to get what you want.  It has 2 floors, several showrooms and a ton of products.  I was looking for Bygel rails and accessories.  I did find the rails but needed to improvise on the storage containers as they were out of the Bygel containers and I wasn't going back as the store is about 30 minutes from home. 

I also moved things around in my drawers and on my desk.  Now everything is at my fingertips - my stamps and inking stuff are in the top drawer, my punches are relocated to the wall, all glues, pop dots on in the baskets, and plenty of room for small wooden stamps, and small tools in the tin containers.  I've also tidied up the white desk organizer and everything fits - brayer, hotfix jewelry tool, crimper, etc.  

I'm happy with my updated craftroom.  I'll probably make a few more changes to tweak things but this is a highly functional space.  Now to organize my binder of acrylic stamps and I'll be all set for the next project!

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