Saturday, February 5, 2011

Showcasing my work area

In late November 2010, I decided that it was time to dedicate an area in the house for my paper crafting projects.  The intent was to do some paper embroidery tags for Christmas gifts but it expanded quickly into bags, boxes and wrapping for the presents. 

I have a great office in my home for my consulting business which is located on the main level and is bright and airy.  Taking a small part of the office (abour 9 1/2 feet by 4 feet), my talented husband, created this lovely workspace.

By choosing to work at bar height, I managed to get another 2 Jetmax cubes which is phenomenal for all of my storage needs.  BTW = all of the Jetmax units were purchased at Michaels at 50% off, the butcher block countertop was found in the "as is" section of Ikea and the odds and ends were found at Canadian Tire, Walmart or other harware stores.  I'm a savvy shopper and try to stretch my dollars as far as possible.

I keep moving things around in the cubes as I add some new tools and supplies to make my projects, but that is the beauty and flexibility of these shelving units.  I added this workarea in January for cutting and assembling. 

FYI for the crafters - the dust cover was made following the pattern by Custom Crops.  I completed the project using French seams so everything is nice and tidy and added binding for the bottom hem.  This was a Fabricland deal costing less than $7 and I have material leftover for a pillow. 

The table unit expands fully and is highly functional for the Cricut Expression (more on that later as it is one of my newest toys...I mean tools :).

Hope this gives you some ideas for your craft area!


  1. I'm so jealous! Wonderful craft area and so organized too.

  2. I'm jealous too!! My room looks like a tornado hit at times haha!
    You are so organized.. Looks great!